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What is Dubata?

We are a career accelerator & online school that teaches non-coding tech skills. We then connect you to employers looking for those skills.

Is Dubata really free?

Yes it is. It’s free to join and to create a course.

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What does the word "Dubata" mean?

Dubata is simply another way of saying “do better”.

Check out the “How it all began” section in our about page.

What sets Dubata apart?

Glad you asked.

  • Learn the exact job skills – Unlike other platforms, courses on Dubata completely focus on teaching the exact job skills employers look for.
  • Direct connection to jobs – Students who finish our courses gets a special Course Certificate, used to connect directly to employer’s open jobs looking for those skills..
  • Ease of use – With our online courses, anyone on Dubata can easily teach or learn at their own pace.
  • Better commission rates – Our commission rates for Dubata course sales rivals any other online learning platforms around. This means more money in teacher’s pockets.
  • Mission – Our mission at Dubata is for everyone to succeed, no matter your socioeconomic background.

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How can I create a course?

If you want to teach a skill, click here to fill out some quick info.