To follow this tutorial, you will need:

  • A Dubata account, which you can create from our signup page if you don’t already have one.
  • Must have already created a course.
  • Course must already be published.

Edit your course

To edit your course, first go to your course homepage.

  • Click the blue Edit Course in the menu.

Main Differences

Once you’re in the Edit course screen, please note that your are in Edit mode, not Create mode. There are 2 major differences:

  • There are 2 more options under the Course Section Selections: Load Template and Course Homeage
  • In Creation mode, there was only 1 option: All Courses

Go to the Publish section. The options are different in Edit mode. The new options are as follows:

  • View Vid Homepage: Located at the top-right, View Vid Homepage will take you back to your course’s homepage.
  • Take This Course Offline +: course goes into Draft mode, which is not visible to any user on Dubata.
  • Delete Course: Deletes the course.


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