For Job Candidates: While you’re applying to a job, you will see an option called Certificate Code.

Some jobs may require a Certificate Code in order to apply (this is generally from a course they taught). In order to get your certificate code, please follow these steps:

  • Complete a course and get a Dubata Certificate.
    • Note: Some courses don’t offer a Dubata Certificate after completion.
    • You will know what a course offers by viewing the Pricing Section at the course homepage. If you don’t see a “Dubata Certificate” listed, it will not be awarded after completion.

  • After completion, go to your Profile Page (by selection your profile menu on the top-right > My Profile).

  • Click on the course title you completed in the Certificates section.

  • The Certificate code will appear at the bottom. You won’t be able to copy it, so write down the code.

Once the code is written down, go back to the application on our Dubata Jobs section and fill that code in.

Fill out the rest of the application info and you should be set. The Employer will be able to validate the code using the Certificate Validator.

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