After signing up to join Dubata, make sure you complete your profile information.

A Quick Video

If you don’t like the video and want a detailed explanation, continue below.

Access your profile area

After singing up, go to your profile area by selecting My Profile in the menu in the top-right on the page.

Edit Profile Details

In your profile area, click on Edit Profile to edit your profile info. Profile info you can add include:

  • Full Name (required)
  • Location
  • Your Expertise (or Job Title)
  • About Me

In addition, you can edit your social media by clicking the red Social Media button.

Social Media you can include:

  • Your Website
  • Facebook url
  • Twitter url
  • Instagram url
  • Linkedin url
  • Youtube url
  • Google+ url

There also a Teacher Paypal info you can add. To get paid, you must fill out your paypal info here.

This info will be private by default, meaning only the user can view the email.

Change Profile Pic

You can add/change your profile pic, by click on the Change Profile Pic tab, which is right next to the Edit Profile Tab.

View Profile

Depending on what you add on your profile, your profile will include this info:

  • Your profile url is in this format:, where your username is what you used when you signed up.
    • Only exception is if you signed up using Facebook or Google. The username will be auto-generated.
  • Profile: Your full name, location, expertise, about me
  • Social Media: Website and social media info
  • Master Badges: Master Badges awarded from courses
  • Certifications: Dubata Certifications awarded from courses
  • Courses: A list of courses created by the profile user


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