Assignments are a very useful addition to courses. This tutorial will walk you through creating an assignment on Dubata.


To follow this tutorial, you will need:

Full Video Tutorial

The video below is the entire tutorial, all in one.

If you want more broken-down instructions on how to create an assignment, skip this video and continue to the following sections below.

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Step 1: Add / Edit A Lesson

Assignments are located inside Lessons, so click Add Lesson or edit an existing lesson you already have by clicking the red pencil (edit) button. In this case, we’re going to edit an existing lesson.

Step 2: Go to the Assignment section

In the Lesson Edit screen, go to the bottom and click Assignment (Optional).

Step 3: Create New Assignment

Click on Create new Assignment. A new title dialog appears. We called this one “Test Assignment One”. Click Create Assignment when done.

The assignment will appear on top of the Create new Assignment and Select existing assignment dialogs.

Step 4: Edit the Assignment

Once you open the assignment, there are several options to configure:

  • Title: Should be the same as assignment name, which could be edited if needed.
  • Video / Text Content (Quiz or Assignment Question): This is where the assignment question will come in. In this example, we will put:
    • What color is the sky?
  • Assignment Sub-Title: Goes under the main title.
  • Maximum Points for the Assignment: How many points will be awarded for getting the assignment correct. Could be any number.
  • Assignment Maximum Time Limit: The time limit of the assignment.
  • Assignment Duration parameter: The unit for the time specified above. In Minutes, Hours, Days, etc.
  • Include as part of the final grade?: **Very important**. Should this be included as part of the final grade? If not, then its best as a “stand-alone assessment”.
  • Include in this course: **Very important**. Type the current course name to include the assignment so everything can work well.
  • Assignment Submissions: There are 2 options to consider:
    • Upload file: Must upload file as an acceptable submission.
    • Text Area: Student will answer using text only (most common)
  • Attachment Type: The list of acceptable file extensions (if submission type is Upload file).
    • PDF, GIF, JPG, PNG, etc
  • Attachment Max Size (in MB): We allow a max of 5 MBs, so anything below that will work (if submission type is Upload file).

Once done, click on Save. You can Preview after saving. Close afterwards.

You’ll be taken back to the Assignments (Optional) dialog. Click Save here (important!). Then Close.

Step 5: Preview the Assignment

After completing, you’ll be taken back to the Set Curriculum screen. On the lesson you just added an assignment, click the eye (preview) button to preview your lesson.

Click the Preview (Click Here) button again.

If there was a video in the lesson, you’ll see the assignment right under it. That’s how students will access your assignment.

Close your window, select Close, and Save Curriculum + if done with the curriculum.


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