Certificate Codes are generated when a student completes a course that has a Dubata Certificate. This quick tutorial shows you how to retrieve a Certificate Code after someone applies for the job position your are seeking.


To follow this tutorial, you will need:

Step 1: Go to “My Job Listings”

At the Dubata Jobs site, under Employers in the menu bar, go to My Job Listings. This is where the list of jobs you posted on Dubata are shown.

Step 2: Select Job which required a Certificate Code

While on My Job Listings, select the job(s) that required a Certificate Code by clicking the Show button next to the job title.

Afterwards, next to the applicant name who applied, click the Details tab. Their info will appear below.

Step 3: Put Certificate Code in the Certificate Validator

Copy the Certificate Code, then at the bottom of the screen in the footer section, click Certificate Validator.

In the Certificate Validator screen, paste the certificate code you just copied in the field that says “Enter Certificate Code”. Click Validate.

If the code is valid, it will produce a certificate. Verify the certificate name matches the name on the application, and the course you wanted to have a Dubata Certificate with is the correct one.

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