Step 3: Create Course Title and Description

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From here, you will start creating your course basic information used for your Online Course. The following options are as follows:

  • Before You Begin: Quick notes and links to prepare you during your course creation process.
  • Course Title: The title of your course (name of your Online Course)
  • Course Category: The category of your course. Users will be able to filter courses via Categories.
  • Skill Level: What’s the difficulty of your Online Course? Users will be able to filter courses via Skill Level.
  • Course Image: Upload a rectangular image, with the width larger than the height.
    • If the height is larger than the width (like a mobile phone), the image will automatically transform to an image with a longer width — which may produce non-desirable results.
    • If no image is uploaded, our Dubata logo will be the default photo.
  • Course Subtitle: A 1-2 sentence description that appears under the main course title, as well as the description that will appear when your course is shared via social media.
  • Full course Description: The main description that appears in your course homepage. Includes text, pics, and/or sample video that people will see before joining your Online Course.
  • Create Course+: Creates the course as a file. Also allows you to move onto the other setting tabs in the course creation screen (Settings, Forum, Curriculum, Pricing, Publish).

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