Step 5: Create a Course Forum (optional)

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading. Otherwise, you can jump to Step 6.

Dubata allows you to create a Q&A Forum for your course. This is best if you want to communicate with your students, or if they have any questions. If you want to create a forum, then follow below (or move on to Step 6).

When if you want to create a Q&A forum, click Create New Forum. You will then see new options, as pictured above, that you can fill out:

  • Forum Name: The name of your Q&A Forum.
  • Visibility: Public, Private or Hidden. You will most likely leave it at Public.
  • Forum Description: The description of your Q&A Forum
  • Create New Forum: Saves the forum.

To select an existing forum you’ve created as part of your course, click Select Existing Forum and type the name of your existing forum, then click “Set” to make it your current forum for this course.

After creating a new forum, you can change the forum by clicking the Change button. The Edit button is really a Preview for the forum.

Once done, click Save Forum + to move on the the next section.

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