Step 8: Make Video Autoplay & Add Poster Image (optional)

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Make Video Autoplay

You have the option  make your video autoplay when a student view it. To add it, first click on the Text tab on the top-right of the textarea (right next to Visual).

As you can see, the text is still the same in this format (except for the font). We are in this tab to ensure the extra code we add works.

To make video autoplay: Add –> autoplay=”1″ <– within the shortcode.

For example, the code above with autoplay will look like this:

Once completed, click the “Visual” tab to go back to the normal version, or continue below for one more custom code…

Add a default image (poster) to your video

This section is best explained by watching the video right above that says “Add Autoplay and Poster Image”.

By default, the course video does not have a poster (default) image, before the student plays your video. Poster images work best when Autoplay is not set.


To set your poster image:

  • Select the Text tab on the top-right of the textarea (see video above).
  • Go back to the first course tab (either Create Course or Edit Course).
  • Next, click on Course Image
  • In the image dialog, select (or upload) the image you want as the poster image for your video. We will be copying the url of that photo.
  • Once the url is copied, click the X button to exit on the top-right of the dialog.
  • After leaving the upload dialog, go back to the Set Curriculum section.

You should see the shortcode again. Inside the shortcode, add this code:

  • poster=”(your copied image url)”

Once completed, click the Visual tab to go back to the original text version.

That’s it.

  • Tip: You don’t have to add a poster image in each video lesson. It’s best to add the image if you have a video in the Full course Description section, located at the Create course / Edit course section. Here’s an example.

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