The Dubata® Flow is our unique process that shows how employers can connect with job candidates that have the right skills, which is a major problem they have (and why the available jobs are at an all-time high).

Here’s an infographic of how it works:

If you a need a visual, check video below:

To get started (for Employers):

  1. Post your job here
  2. Create an online course to teach the skill you need (optional)
  3. Look out for submitted applications in your My Dubata Jobs section (under the Employers > My Job Listings menu)

To get started (for Job Candidates):

  1. Search for a job
  2. Check to see if that job requires a course
  3. Join that course
  4. After getting a Certificate Code, go back and apply to that job with the code
  5. Wait for your interview

You can contact us if you have any questions.

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