If you are experiencing video playback issues in your course, please refer to the list below for potential reasons / fixes. If you don’t see your issue here, then post it in our Community Q&A forum, or contact us.

1. You see a filename when playing a course video:

If you see something like this above, that means the original video filename has a “+” sign included. Delete that plus sign and your issue should be corrected.

If you are a student and you see a course video like this, contact the course teacher from their profile page and let them know of the issue.

2. 504 Gateway Timeout when uploading courses

If you see this, no worries (although it’s a little annoying to see this). Just select your library files from the upload menu and you should still see your course video filename there. Select the Use button and you’re good to go.

3. Don’t include an apostrophe in your filename

Don’t include an apostrophe in your filename (see Don’t above in grey highlight). Including it will cause your video to not display.

Simply delete the apostrophe, then re-upload the video file in your lesson. Then preview to make sure video shows.

4. If you create and save your lessons, but try to save your curriculum and don’t see a visible save button…

Then you will have to click the Back to Courses button, then select Edit Course again to get back to the course edit screen. Then go back to the Set Curriculum tab.

Once you are there, you may notice that the lesson you created may not appear on the screen. No worries. Just click the Select existing lesson button, then type the lesson name. It should appear. Click Add Lesson (see above) and it should go back to the curriculum, with all the lesson info you created saved.

The same applies for Quizzes and Assignments as well.

Note: When you add your existing lesson / quiz / assignment, and the title had special characters such as ‘, +, …, then it will look funny when you add it back in your curriculum. Once again, no worries. Just Save Curriculum, click Back to Course, and go back to the course edit screen by clicking Edit Course. Once you go back to the Curriculum tab, it should look normal again.

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