Teachers on Dubata are very important to our operations. Therefore, it’s important that we explain how and when Teachers receive income from their courses in their accounts.

Set up Paypal

First thing to do is to set up your PayPal info.

If you already have a PayPal account:

  1. Go to Dubata.com
  2. Select the profile menu
  3. Go to My Profile > Edit Profile > Teacher Paypal (private). Type in your paypal email address and save.

When do Teachers start seeing earnings in their account?

After creating a course and getting sales, your course income gets transferred to your bank account 1-10 days after the 2nd month of the sale

We say the 2nd month due to account for our 30-day return policy we already have intact.

Here’s an example:

  1. From February 1-28th, Teacher earns $500 in total course sales.
  2. After our hosting fee, the Teacher keeps $400.
  3. Payouts begin 1-10 days after the 2nd month, so your $400 payout will happen anytime from April 1-10th.
  4. This payout will be from February’s earnings alone.

So what happened to March? Because of our 30-day return policy, we account for any potential refunds that may have occurred during that period.

Adding to our previous example:

  1. Teacher keeps $400 in sales after February 28th.
  2. In March, there were $50 in refunds (from February’s sales).
  3. Total from the February income period has reduced to $350.
  4. This $350 payout will occur anytime from April 1-10th.

Do I really have to wait 2 months every time?

This is a thought people will have since the first month requires a 2-month wait.

However, using the example above, if your courses were sold during the month of March — let’s say $1000 — without any refunds, then:

  1. Teacher sells $1000 of courses in the month of March.
    • There were no refunds in the month of April (from March’s sales).
  2. Teacher receives a $350 payout anytime from April 1-10th.
    • This payout reflects the month of February’s sales (with March refunds) from the example above.
  3. After Dubata’s commission, the teacher receives a $900 payout anytime from May 1-10th
    • This payout came from March’s sales, after hosting fees.

As you can see, there were payouts in April, then May — i.e. consecutive months. As long as you keep creating and selling your courses, the more consecutive months you will get paid.

Keeping track of your sales

The great news is that you can keep track of your total sales, month by month. Simply go to dubata.com and access your profile menu on the top-right > Sales / Dashboard. There you will see a header that says Your Commission Earnings.

If you completed some sales and don’t see any stats, click Refresh Your Stats on the top-right on the chart. It will then appear. You will see 2 bar lines:

  • Earnings: Total earnings (with Dubata’s commission already taken out). This is the exactly amount you will get paid.
  • Payout: Total income paid out to the teacher.

That’s it. You should be good to go.

If you want more detailed info, check out the Pricing Terms.

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